The universal key emulator for Kia & Hyundai and Mitsubishi (2009-2020)

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Forbidden in a number of countries!


The purpose of the proposed devices is to help car mechanics and electricians all over the world do their job. Devices are not recommended for illegal purposes. It is not recommended to buy these devices to people whose work is not related to car repair and car maintenance, excluding state or officially registered special services. It must be remembered that the appropriation of personal belongings and penetration into private property throughout the world is prohibited by law and punishable!

This device works only with vehicles equipped with Keyless entry start system for European 433 MHz and American 315 MHz markets

List of supported cars of 433/315MHz (Europe/USA market):
Sorento 2014-2020
Sorento Prime 2014-2017
Sorento Prime 2017-2020
Sportage 2016-2018
Sportage 2018-2020
Stinger 2017-2020
Niro 2017-2020
Venga 2009-2020
K5 2010-2015
Borrego 2010-2013
Picanto 2011-2017
Cadenza 2013-2016
Sportage 2010-2016
Sorento 2010-08.2014
Carens 2012-2018
Optima 2010-06.2015

i30 2011-2014
ix20 2010-2015
Accent 2010-2014
Veloster 2011-2018
Grandeur 2011-2014
Genesis 2009-2013
Equus 2012-2014
Elantra 2010-2013
Azera 2011-2015
Sonata 2009-2014
Santa Fe II 2009-2012
Santa Fe III 2012-2018
Grand Santa Fe 2012-2018
IX35 2010-08.2013
Tucson 2010-08.2013
Tucson 2015-2018
Tucson 2018-2020
Santa Fe 2018-2020
Kona 2017-2020
Ioniq 2016-2020
Genesis g70 2017-2020

Outlander 2009-2020
ASX 2010-2020
Pajero Sport/Montero 2016-2020
Eclipse Cross 2017-2020
L200(Triton pickup) 2015-2020

For most of the new models of Kia Hyundai 2017-2020, the device automatically generates a PIN code within a few minutes. The generated PIN code is used for the new key emulation without any special PIN calculator or contact with a dealer.

For some of the Kia and Hyundai 2009-2015 models, it needs to enter a 6-digit PIN code, which one can get using a special VIN-PIN calculator or after contact with some of the car dealers.

For the several Mitsubishi models, a new key is automatically emulated for a few seconds without any PIN codes

Twenty memory cells


The device is intended only for authorized car services and special legal use, therefore the user is responsible for its illegal use!


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